Weekend fun

Hello my friends,
Last Saturday we went to Thai Festival and we stayed there in the whole afternoon. There are many different food and desserts which u can buy, jewelries and for the house decoration and they had also culture dance. We had really much fun with my friends and my hubby, I ate 2 cups of Thai halo-halo, is not so delicious like our halo-halo in Pinas, but I enjoyed to eat matamis rin kasi *smile*
And yesterday in the afternoon, we felt bored to stay at home, me and my husband decided to go out and go to picnic by the Aare river, this is our fave picknik area, it is nice to walk. When it so nice weather in this place u can't really find the area where u can do picknik or grill coz it is so many people go here, is difficult then to find the perfect area to do the picknik here.
6 oclock we're going back home and we watched Movie in TV, why were lying on couch sometimes I giggled to him and pressed his nose always..*smile* that's makes me feel good to do to him...LOLS

Photos here:

My husband busy preparing the food hehehe...

and me waiting
the food....

And today I woke up 9 oclock hayyyy, want to sleep more but I can't. hmmm I don't know what should I do today! Let's see later folks..LOLs..

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