Event of End of July and 1st week August

Yes tomorrow is the Switzerland day, no working day(official holiday of Switzerland)Today is end of July, and tomorrow is August 1, and we spend our time with my friends, we are going to do Picknik in Neuchatel (french city of Switzerland) in St. Blaise near by lake, it is also good to swimm when the weather is perfect. I can tell that it is also Romantic place. It is also our fave place, near by the lake my husband lived within 9 years before I came here in Switzerland.
In the evening we are going to watch the fire works within 30 minutes boom boom boom(hmmm you know that what I mean Lols).... this would be very nice day then, I hope so! Don't you think? LOLs...
Today, Im going to the City with my friends. We are goin' to shopping, it is the last day of summer SALE yay. and then chika chika with them.

and August 2 (thursday), oh yay, one of my friend from Malaysia invited us, she is one of my swimming course group (with my Pinay friends) to have a lunch of there house..hm what kind of food she cook? guess friend!

....catch yah later on, more blog will post here.

Thnks of your time reading of my blog. see yah later

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