My Fashion Handbags online shop

It's almost done my Website Fashion Handbags online shop.
Isn't so easy to design. My husband he is not also a web Designer but we just tried out how it look after then. I would like to put a Frame or maybe an Menu bottom at the left which then perfect. Pictures are not really so great as we are not to good as Photographer and we tried to be the Pictures are perfect and look good.
It would be so great I sell more Handbags products Michael Kors, DKNY(Dana Karan New York) Coach, Dooney Bourke and more. Customers can find also on my online shop Secondhand Handbags which are only one time use, in very good condition/exellent Condition Handbags.I love selling anykind of products, I will look more anykind of Handbags Products on my Website. Isn`t so easy to start this kind of Business and to start to ope, I hope this soon will be fine and really get more bigger.
Even I have nothing to get Profit but I feel this is my Hobby and I am enjoying this Kind of work and I love Handbags.

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