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Almost a year now off from blogging world. I'm happy to be back in here.
I want to try to update everyday my blog as I can. My time is so hectic at this moment as I have little baby boy 4 months old but I want to try to update not everyday yet to try to update my blog in a week 3 times a week? I gonna try it.
I misses a lot in blogging world. Maybe I need again for refreshment for blogging, I have no idea for this moment in this blogging world now.It seems there are new applications, a new settings? Maybe i need to have a new look of my blog a new background, I will gonna try.


notcathy said...

Hi Ricka,

I am glad that you are back in blogging world.. Congrats to your baby boy.. :) You will find new updates in blogging world by searching it and reading news articles about new application that are available.. Looking forward to your success and more hugs to your little buddy!

Notcathy @ Happy Nappers

hailey said...

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Hailey William

dannybatelic1 said...

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Tri Haryadi said...

keep on blogging :)