My baby

Hello friends
Im so happy and so excited to be a mommy sooner!
1st baby, 1st grandchild of my parents and also to my parents inlaw.

February 27 early morning, I woke up, I can't wait to test my urine if I am or I am not, I'm so excited of that time to know the result!!!!
Yes, even not already 20 seconds, we saw clearly a Positive sign in my pregnancy test. I felt so much joy and also my husband.
Then I called to my OB Doctor, and the secretary scheduled me March 12.

March 12, 4:30 afternoon that was my 1st Ultrasound of my OB Doctor, yes, it was really cleared I am pregnant!!!! I am 7 weeks pregnant... Ohhh during that ultrasound, I can't really explained my happiness and also my husband, we are so happy we saw a small fetus in my womb.

Here is the photos Ultrasound, March 12, 7 weeks!

Here is the 2nd Ultrasound April 23

I can't explained my feeling during that Ultrasound the baby was winking the hands and moving! ganyan pala ang maging mother, di mapantayan ang saya!
May 25, early morning, that was the day that I felt the baby moving in my womb, yeah, Im so very much happy that I felt that the baby moving, kicking and winking the hands, means that she/he is pretty good and days goes by, every hour the baby is always moving and kicking. Makes me tickle when the baby moving and kicking! I think the baby is so excited to see the world!

Every month I have scheduled to go to my OB Doctor to have ultrasound to checked always the baby. Every I go there to my OB Doctor, I can't wait to see my baby in my womb and also my husband, he is always there beside me. So nice feeling to be a mommy and daddy soon!

This coming 1st week of August, again it is my schedule to go to my OB doctor to have Ultrasound, Yes, I can't wait this again that day will come to see my lovely baby in my womb.

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